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At Austin Home Inspections we take pride in providing you with the highest quality home inspection in the Austin area. Whether you are buying, selling, or having your home inspected prior to the expiration of a warranty our licensed, certified, and insured inspectors will provide you with knowledgeable expert analysis. We will identify and explain all deficiencies, offer recommendations for corrections or repairs, and can answer any questions or concerns you may have. We can perform inspections often the same day as booking, explain our findings with you on-site, and then email you a thorough, descriptive report including annotated pictures and recommendations within 24 hours.

Our inspectors are state licensed (TREC) and AHIT certified inspectors who have conducted hundreds of professional inspections in the Austin area. Unlike other inspectors, we also have years of licensed residential construction and remodeling experience.


Check out our inspection rates. Payment is not due until the end of the inspection when you are completely satisfied with our work. If we miss a deficiency in your report your inspection is free. 

Please give us a call today or you can also easily book online using the 'Book Now' link above.

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State licensing guarantee


Licensed by the state of Texas, our inspections meet and exceed all requirements of home inspection criteria set by the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) Standards of Practice (click here for more details). 

In addition to covering these extensive inspection guidelines we provide the following:

  • We fully inspect every area of your roof and know proper roofing construction. Other inspectors just look at the roof from the ground or at a few places from the eave. We utilize tall extension ladders where necessary and walk every roof section possible. We can assess the condition of your roofing materials, identify any damaged or at-risk areas, and identify poor construction of repairs that may manifest into problems in the future. Roof deficiencies are often the most costly repair item to a home as a leaking roof can result in extensive damage to walls, wall structures, flooring, and in many cases create hazardous mold conditions. 

  • We inspect every accessible area of your attic. The average attic in Texas is an obstacle course of ducts, rafters, and insulation, however it is absolutely critical to fully inspect every portion as this is where the most costly issues can be found. Evidence of a leaking roof, defects in structural components, HVAC exhaust/duct issues, insulation and venting deficiencies are all potentially extremely costly issues that are found during attic inspections.

  • We inspect your HVAC (heating, ventilation, air-conditioning) equipment, measure its performance, and can determine if there are conditions that warrant significant service, repair, or replacement. HVAC components sustain heavy use and abuse in central Texas and can be one of the most costly repair or replacement items in your home. We measure the cooling and heating performance at every room to ensure the output is within acceptable specifications, examine components, review that the installation was done correctly, and can let you know the age and expected remaining life of your particular system.

  • We inspect every accessible window and outlet. Other inspectors only do the minimum which is inspect one window per room and one outlet per room. A missed deficiency in a window or electrical outlet can have significant consequences in terms of both safety and expense. 

  • We inspect behind electrical service panels. There can be significant safety hazards hidden behind electrical panels. Other inspectors do not even remove the electrical panels during their inspection as it's not necessary to meet the minimum requirements. Oversized breakers, incorrect terminations, improper splicing, evidence of electrical damage, and amatuer wiring that does not meet current standards can result in life-threatening consequences. As a foremost safety concern we place extra focus on inspecting the electrical system in your home to ensure it is safe.

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